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Brand Identity Development

Through an investigation into the company's core values, characteristics and aspirations, w​can aid in the naming and conceptualisation process when beginning to build a brand. We then create the verbal and visual brand identity that is best suited to the business and its target market.

Priced Per Project

Brand Audits & Rebranding

Priced Per Project

Step 1 involves us delving into a company's existing brand identity, marketing activity, internal and external perceptions of the brand and business, and its strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, we approach rebranding resulting in either subtle or substantial changes, as required, which align to the business's present aspirations.


Brand Strategy 


Priced Per Project

A brand strategy is always required for a business, whether a start-up or already a going concern. We investigate what makes the brand unique, learn about its industry, customers and competitors, and then apply a strategy for it to excel further in the marketplace, with a focus on creating a strong brand message.




We are able to provide oversight for photography, videography, publications or other media applications with the aim of elevating the project's style and quality. The branding, marketing and advertising messages are therefore achieved in a designed and calculated manner.

Priced Per Project


Copywriting &


Priced Per Project

Priced Per Project

With a creative, legal, diplomatic and business background at The Lucky Moon, we are well-equipped to create content for websites, advertisements, books, magazines, and other corporate collateral. We can assist in research, writing, and editing, and can see the material through to publishing online or in print media.


Priced Per Project

Product Development

Product development is always a creative process that requires empathy towards a problem or need, and ideating solutions to test in the marketplace. We are able to assist in the conceptual phase, bringing innovative approaches and blue-sky thinking to any project, be it a tangible product or development of a concept.

Priced Per Project

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