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Bio WriteUp
From North to South and Everything In Between

Born in Oslo, Norway 27th August 1994 (25), the combination of modern and natural design was instilled in me right from the beginning. The Scandinavian design philosophy of pairing natural elements, with clean and simple lines was and is pivotal to my way of thinking. When you achieve beauty through its pure form, its shape, its colour and its natural aesthetic, it becomes something that exhibits true quality without overcomplicating a design.


Much like Scandinavian design, I believe designs, be it of a logo or a letterhead, should be equally functional as they are beautiful. Through the pursuit of this type of beauty from a young age, I have established a deep understanding of key graphic design principles and in turn developed a wide scope of abilities to suit any client. I am driven to producing work of high quality and taste, paired with excellent technical standards. 

The base of this experience and technical understanding comes from working alongside my father, Ernst de Jong, in South Africa. He was the biggest influence on my design as he himself was a renowned artist and graphic designer. To name a few, he designed the logos for Grinaker, Mercedes (1962 Refinement), The World Gold Council, The South African Mint, Cobra Taps, Five Roses Tea and Vinolia Soaps. He was also Design Director for South African Bank Notes released in 1992 and he designed the second definitive series of the RSA postage stamps. Some of South Africa’s leading artists like Alexis Preller, Robert Hodgins, Irmin Henkel, Zakkie Eloff, Marie Vermeulen-Breedt, Greta Gruno, Carol Aslin and even Eduardo Villa’s careers were all influenced or mentored over the past 50 years by my father. It was for this reason that art at every point in my life was so important. With a house filled with art, and a mind filled with it too, life by design became second nature to me. I had ventured from the likes of Scandinavian design in Norway, to my home in South Africa filled with African expression and zest for life.


Having worked with Ernst and for the Ernst de Jong Academy of Fine Art, I became accustomed to a deadline driven environment with emphasis on working with budget constraints. It is here that the fundamentals of graphic design and fine art were also taught to me on a continual basis from a young age. My education was both formal and experienced based, where opportunities to design logos, stationery and entire corporate identities were awarded to me. During this time I designed the National emblem of South Africa Showjumping as well as logos for Burlington Stables, Gallery on 6th, SAS Models and Soul Code, while still in high school at that stage. Regular duties at the Academy included managing the EDJ Academy corporate identity, and creation of all stationery, advertisements, exhibition invites, posters, notices, forms, artwork catalogues and books, as well as marketing the Academy.


While still working at the Academy and competitively show jumping (horse-riding), in 2013 I began LLB Law degree studies at UNISA, and started another in job sales. The balance between my passions for graphic design and sport, with the hard work of legal studies and additional work at this time, further developed my exceptional ability to work under pressure and my will to succeed. 


After the closure of the Academy due to the passing of Ernst de Jong, I began working for Harrogate Civil Construction in 2016 as their Marketing Manager. At Harrogate, not only my design but also my photography and marketing strategy skills were tested regularly. My duties were that of comprehensive, sole brand management. I was responsible for all advertising including design and follow-through, budget management, photography, social media marketing, web marketing, design of all stationery, management of the fleet's aesthetics, special event organising and public relations. With Harrogate, my already well-developed written and verbal communication skills were put to good use, and are largely attributed to not only my father’s wise guidance, but also to my mother Lyn de Jong, being a diplomat for South Africa. Growing up in the diplomatic sphere largely shaped my interpersonal skills and excellent abilities relating to client relations and negotiations.  


Since completing my LLB law degree in September 2018, my aim has been place focus again on myself as a Brand Manager, and to increase my client base both locally and abroad. The creation of 'The Lucky Moon' aims to convey my aspirations as an individual, drawing inspiration from the moon and a horseshoe, whereby I pursue both my passion for the arts alongside my sporting dreams. In 2019, to gain industry connections in the UK, I undertook a Master's in International Luxury Marketing at Oxford Brookes University and began work for Oxford Brookes Racing, a successful Formula Student Race Team. Now in August 2020, research is being undertaken for a client abroad on the digitization of B2B service marketing, an exciting venture both personally and professionally.

From September 2020, I will be sourcing a full-time role in Marketing and Brand Management, with a focus on Luxury Marketing in the sporting or fine art worlds.

If you would like to know more about my story, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. 



  • Currently based in Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • 10+ years of professional graphic design, brand management and marketing experience.

  • Modern and natural style drawing influence from Scandinavian design principles.

  • Keen eye for aesthetics, and well-developed writing skills.


  • MSc International Luxury Marketing (Oxford Brookes University)

  • LLB Law Degree (University of South Africa)

  • Diploma in Design in Art (Ernst de Jong Academy of Fine Art)



  • 'The Lucky Moon' is a logo mark I've created that reflects my aspirations as an individual, as well as the minimalist and symbolic style of my design.

  • On the one side, the 'waxing gibbous moon' (3/4 moon) pays homage to my late father Ernst de Jong and his love of the moon. What's in the moon? Hope, dreams, light and loveliness

  • In contrast on the other side is a stylized horseshoe  portraying my passion for horses and equestrian sport. The horseshoe is universally a symbol for good luck, and luck, which for most freelancers is certainly needed sometimes, can only be a good thing!


Burlington stables

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 16.25.45.png

“Tamara de Jong and her father, Ernst de Jong, collaborated on designing a new logo for our equestrian business, Burlington Stables. They offered us a number of creative and interesting options, and helped us to make the right choice for us – something elegant and timeless, which portrays the essence of our culture, which is expertise and always striving for excellence. There are several different ways of using our smart logo, always incorporating our classic red, dark blue and gold colours (representing classic style and success) with an equestrian theme of horses and trophies. We love the final result and all our options!"


A Esslinger for Burlington Stables.

rackham veterinary solutions

RVS Lighter Font.png

"We loved the design, very slick and professional but still interesting. Tamara was very efficient and clever to incorporate the 'solutions' with the initials in the form of a tick. Would highly recommend her."


V Frost for Rackham Veterinary Solutions.

Download my Curriculum Vitae below:

Tamara de Jong - CV 2020

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